About Us

Xpertisehub comprises a team of professionals, who have come together with a belief that true protection is possible, when human supervision and control is complemented by process automation. The team brings to customers, varying experiences & global expertise in domains of Security, Emergency management, Continuity & Resiliency, Fraud prevention, detection & response, IT and information Security. The formidable knowledge-skill-ability (KSA) combine includes professionals who are currently working, retired or taken a sabbatical from active service, law enforcement, defence services, para-military, civil defence, safety and environment practice, audit & legal practice, security systems & technology, whole building design and more…


Areas of Expertise

Trusted Advisor Role

Acting as a trusted advisor and integrators to focus on business resiliency, protective intelligence and the overall security of its personnel, property and process. We have many, highly vetted professionals and industry leaders, who help us build and maintain systems and structures. Xpertisehub has integrated knowledge with threat early warning systems, technology, smart systems, analytics, physical barriers, intrusion detection systems, sensors and geographic information systems to provide our clients with improved results.  

Collaboration Team

Xpertisehub brings with them extensive experience in target management, threat management, risk based assessments, needs analysis, integration of required products and services, incident and disaster management, standing up virtual fusion centers, advance work for executive protection teams, private security and government police expertise, computer science, business, anti-terrorism force protection, structural engineering, military intelligence and counterintelligence.

Integration of Technologies and Services

When necessary to obtain an optimum solution for its customers, components can be loosely integrated with nearly different types of technologies such as other hardware and/or software components.

Psychological Operations

These consist of planned operations to convey selected information to influence emotions, motives, reasoning and ultimately the behavior of an aggressor organization. This is a highly specialized technique. Utilizing open source information, we help to discourage aggressive actions by creating disaffection within the ranks of an aggressor’s organization, which can ultimately neutralize the threat. Our methodology is not canned and requires expert study and proper scripting (story boarding) to help shape an outcome.  

Training Services (Train the Trainer)

Xpertisehub holds a cadre of instructors who are trained police investigators, private security professionals, military and other government personnel. They are available to train clients in a wide variety of areas to include, active shooters recognition, workplace violence mitigation, escape & evade techniques, briefing techniques, self-defense and more. Training is adapted to the particular needs of individual clients.