Human community and natural environment as a self-organising, interdependent ecosystem has long been understood and established in Indian ethos and cultural heritage. Modern civilisation has re-discovered what was always known to mankind that prosperity & poverty, resource richness and scarcity, talent and mediocrity, development and deprivation etc cannot remain mutually exclusive and unaffected by each other. Sustainable living and survival is linked to finding the right balance between many opposites for a ‘common good’ before ‘sudden and radical’ changes are thrust upon us by nature.

Xpertisehub believes in making contributions, wherever possible, through effort, time, resource or ideas towards building better, sustainable and successful communities which is in harmony with surrounding environment and inner spiritual growth.

On 10,Sep 2015, Xpertisehub led by Lt.Cdr.Satyabir Singh & Mr.Omkar Dalvi conducted an ‘Awareness & Education session’ on People Safety and Security during festivals & congregations, for citizens of Chembur, Mumbai, organised by Mumbai Police. As a keynote speaker on citizen responsibility to prevent, detect and report suspicious activities related to terrorism, the training session by Xpertisehub was very well received and appreciated by senior police officials and all participants including school children and community representatives. Few selected photographs are also enclosed.