FAQs for Xpertisehub website

1. How does Xpertisehub help address my business growth needs?
Every business, irrespective of the scope, size and reach is exposed to several risk factors which are integral to markets, credit and operations. Just as people come with strengths and weaknesses, business ideas, operating models, products and services too come with strengths and weaknesses. Thus, natural or human factors can can influence or exploit weaknesses and it becomes important to identify them & reduce their risk impact. Xpertisehub is a coming together of professionals with knowledge, skills and abilities to help organisational entities grow in a risk-managed environment.
2. What is the first step that a business must take to be ‘risk-managed’?
A key step is to identify potential risks which can affect life safety, property/ assets and brand/ reputation of the enterprise. As mentioned earlier, there cannot be a ‘risk-free’ environment for businesses to operate but one can certainly aspire to operate, grow and flourish in a ‘risk-managed’ environment. This is where Xpertisehub professionals can help with their vast field experience, body-of-knowledge and practical solutioning expertise. A graduated and calibrated approach will help quantify and evaluate the value of preceding risk-reduction step or engagement before embarking upon next step in the journey to ‘risk-managed’ business growth.
3. Is there a direct correlation between the nature of risk, time required to mitigate adverse impact and cost of engaging outside expertise?
A risk which has an immediate adverse impact on life, asset or reputation would require mitigation strategies which would entail ‘concentration of efforts’ – this can be more expensive than a more systemic and process-driven approach of identifying risks on a continual basis ‘very much as a business function’. Often, security & risk mitigation which are unplanned and ‘reactive’ become expensive as opposed to a structured & long-term program of security risk management. Cost of risk management is not usually a function of time but more a function of ‘severity-impact’ parameter.
4. Why is there an emphasis on ‘On-Demand’ protection in Businesses?
The nature of business has radically transformed in recent times. Short Go-To-Market (GTM) cycles, rapid Technology Obsolescence, Credit crunch and Market flux, new Talent acquisition & need for frequent Relearning/Retraining…all have led to several ‘unknowns & variables’ falling outside traditional boundaries & factors of business/ production. These ‘unknowns & variables’ have given rise to ‘threat vectors and advanced persistent threats’  which cannot be usually managed by conventional in-house talent, knowledge & expertise in most of small & medium sized businesses. The preferred approach then becomes ‘on-demand’ protection where specialist skills are quickly hired or contracted for specific problem-solving situations which meets key business requirements of speed, accuracy, integrity and reliability.
5. What do I do now in order to get more insights from Xpertisehub professionals?
Please fill in the registration form for Businesses and a member of Xpertisehub will contact you within 3 business days. The registration and plan fees will be invoiced only if you choose to avail (through a Purchase Order) any of the listed plans for Consulting, Design, Implementation or Validation/ Audits of your business operations.