“A goal without a plan is just a dream” ……Qualifying the proverbial saying, New Product development (NPD) entails the process of conceptualizing ideas, designing, developing and eventually introducing a new product or service in the market. Intellectual property (IP) over a long period, has assumed a new strategic role in product development that goes well beyond the usual protection of technology and product design features. Prominent NPD challenges faced by organizations globally being Competition, Market & Time to market (TTM) potential, evolution in technology, Statutes & regulatory compliance & pricing strategy. IP particularly, Product & Process patents are increasingly providing competitive (Market) intelligence information and technology monitoring for NPD, because of the available databases and patent mining tools. So, in the stage of opportunities identification and especially in the concept generation phase, the technologies and the product features patented by others are critical to any Business Strategy.

We at Xpertisehub can provide you solutions encompassing New Product development (NPD) that include Idea Generation & conceptualizing, Competitive Intelligence, Technology scouting, Commercial viability analysis, Branding, Intellectual Property (IP) Asset protection & monetization. Our IP expertise would also provide extensive Legal due-diligence related to interpretation of various governing IP & related statutory Laws both in India & Global jurisdictions.

Our experts can provide comprehensive Technical fact finding & Legal IP Counsel Advisory support across varied technology & Industry domains like Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Agricultural Research.

Vishnu Mohan - Advisory, IPR and New Products

Vishnu Mohan - Advisory, IPR and New Products

Vishnu Mohan (Vishnu) is a Seasoned professional spanning more than two decades of corporate experience across varied knowledge & Industry domains. Vishnu possesses a Degree in Electrical Engineering & a Master’s in Business Law. His experience includes senior leadership roles in Project Management of turnkey EPC & other power utility projects; International Product safety standards & testing; Patent Prosecution & Analytics, Licensing strategy, M&A. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • New Product development cycle, Product compliance testing & certification (E.g., UL/CSA/ IEC Standards)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): Idea creation, Patent filing & prosecution(US, EP, IN), Portfolio Management & Monetization, Asset valuation
  • Project Management: EPC Utility projects Viz., Electrical substations, Switchyards & mini power plants.

During his corporate tenure, he has served in various Global multinational corporations in strategic roles, both in India & Overseas.