Our Technology Partners


TeamHaven is a flexible field force automation software that enables brands, field marketing agencies, logistics companies and support services to efficiently manage their mobile workforce.
TeamHaven’s powerful technology is used to create, assign and tailor questionnaires in bulk. The TeamHaven Mobile app informs field staff of activities and allows companies to manage and monitor teams using project KPIs and staff compliance reports.
TeamHaven captures and reports on photos, signatures and data collected by field teams using a range of powerful dashboard reports and photo galleries.

D3 Security provides the only full-lifecycle incident management platform—one that enables multiple detection sources, enriches standards-based workflows with threat intelligence, orchestrates response, and always guides its users to conclusive remediation. The system is unique in its ability to eliminate incident recurrence, through root cause and corrective action discovery, digital forensics case management, and by generating a foundation of actionable intelligence that supports policies, countermeasures and controls.

The gTHIRA™ System is a browser based internet software solution used to determine the risk (Incl, Threat, Vulnerability, and Impact) to organizational assets. The system incorporates a dashboard that searches and consolidates information derived from various sources such as Natural Hazards, Traditional Media, Crime Statistics (where available), Domain Awareness (terrain intelligence) and Social Media. It has the unique ability to fuse this information and put it in context by locating the source of the information within time and space.
Along with identifying threats/hazards in context, gTHIRA also integrates allowing for the end user to conduct as many facility security assessments as desired. This threat/hazard results are measured against each collocated Site Vulnerability Assessments to determine its impact and consequences to the facility’s vulnerabilities and an overall risk level is calculated.

Asvaco™ Technology is a breakthrough Expert System specifically designed to perform a wide variety of assessments through the use of mission specific Asvaco modules. Created with the assistance of top subject matter experts, modules contain the latest and most appropriate questions which are carefully selected in order to meet customers’ specific needs for information.

Tibbo, an international group of companies, is a leader in hardware and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), IT infrastructure management, industrial and building automation, remote monitoring and service, physical access control, and data center management. The Group comprises two member companies: Tibbo Technology and Tibbo Systems.
Tibbo Technology designs, manufactures, and markets programmable IoT modules and controllers for the automation industry.
Tibbo Systems develops, deploys, and services software solutions based on its AggreGate cloud platform, as well as hardware supplied by Tibbo Technology.