Xpertisehub comprises of a team of professionals, who have come together with a belief that true business value & resiliency is possible, when human supervision and control is complemented by process automation. The team brings to customers, varying experiences & global expertise in domains of Security, Emergency management, Continuity & Resiliency, Fraud prevention, detection & response, Tactical & Digital Forensics investigations, Legal & Law Enforcement support, Product Development, Innovation & IPR Protection, IT & Cyber-Security, Supply Chain Optimization and eCommerce Logistics. The formidable knowledge-skill-ability (KSA) combine includes professionals who are currently working, retired or taken a sabbatical from active service, law enforcement, defence services, para-military, civil defence, safety and environment practice, audit & legal practice, security systems & technology, Whole Building Design, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and more…

Brand Vision

Xpertisehub seeks to be an active framework for talent to freely engage in providing business solutions in a highly interconnected and interdependent marketplace and thus unlock creativity and foster innovation by maximizing use of time and knowledge to deliver solutions, free from some structural delays of traditional business delivery systems.


To become Industry’s best-in-class solutions delivery framework by building a comprehensive network of professionals & SMB partners in India and overseas markets. Xpertisehub will partner with proven & experienced industry consultants and leaders to provide valuable services to customers with use of onsite professionals & advanced technology. The delivery model will eventually be expanded to include other Industry-Expertise thereby evolving into a vibrant ecosystem called ‘Expertise-Marketplace’.

Difference in value proposition

Business complexity, talent explosion, borderless trade, digital commerce and shifting targets of new & unconventional risks require a different model of engagement, with respect to business growth and risk reduction. No enterprise can scale up its customer engagement portfolio without addressing rapidly growing risks in its operative environment. The rules of engagement and delivery are fast changing! With access to acquire and deploy attack vectors as well as countermeasures changing too often, businesses require ‘on-demand solutioning’ from market experts – this is what Xpertisehub can offer. Our empanelled experts pack quite a punch! Besides professional credentials & long field experience, we have an enviable repertoire and repository of actual problems solved such that we design customised solutions, much quicker.